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Our Client Stories

Our clients stem back 40 years having started their journey with Ron Hewat many moons ago. Here are some of our valued client's stories


My PWH story began a few years ago when I honestly had nothing but potential to my name. Potential that was even unbeknownst to me, and yet, Lisa saw it. She cultivated and nurtured it, through whole-human understanding of who I truly am beyond my books and bank account. Patiently allowing me to arrive at new visions & choices for my life; enabling me to truly see money differently, imagine, and manifest new realities for my life without limitation. She chose to invest in me and my potential without judgement - only empathy, encouragement and continued support. With doors always open, she’s more than my trusted advisor and financial life coach, she’s my dream keeper - always reminding me to live by my truth and pursue MY North Star


Thank you for being my financial advisor and looking after my investments. I’m so grateful to PWH for always being there for me. You are the best !!!


I was introduced to Lisa early in 2017, I would guess, by an amazing mutual Friend. Together, to date we have forged a stunning journey. With her spontaneity and adventurous personality, well informed, professional, added value knowledge, she has been an incredible advisor, supporter and Friend, who has been firm yet, an empathetic guide in my personal journey. She has hooked into my way strategizing, assisted me with her financial efficiency, and introduced me to an amazing team that have been of the utmost support to me. I can only stand back and thank Lisa and her team for affording me and opening me up to wonderful avenues of thought and opportunities.


My PWH story is actually a fairytale as if the stars aligned. Lisa and PWH came into my life at absolutely the right time with the absolutely right approach for me. The focus on what makes me happy when approaching my finances was truly serendipitous. This didn't come at the expense of professionalism, which has been excellent. Thank you, PWH!


I joined Lisa's advisory firm as a client a few short years ago. I had been a broker consultant with a product supplier and Lisa was on my panel of advisors I would call on. She taught me so much about the industry and at the point at which I changed careers, I approached her to ask if she would help me with my policies and (future) investments. Every time we meet to discuss future plans and goals is such a fun, educational and liberating experience! She keeps telling me to dream bigger..... Hesitant at first, I wrote down all of my short-term dreams. Within a year, I had achieved all that we had set out to do and then some! Dream bigger I did and learned to do more easily when seeing and realising my goals unfold. Lisa's method really teaches a client to stretch their imagination and something really does need to be said for having goals and dreams and mostly, making the plans to IMPLEMENT and work towards them. Lisa has given me such confidence and direction in my financial plan and I am truly grateful to have her as part of my life's journey.

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