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Financial Coaching

PWH Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is a process in which an individual works with a financial coach or mentor to improve their financial knowledge, habits, and behaviours. Unlike financial planning, which focuses on developing a comprehensive plan to achieve financial objectives, financial coaching is focused on helping individuals build skills and make positive changes in their financial lives.

Financial coaches often work with clients on a variety of financial topics, such as budgeting, debt management, savings strategies, and investing. They help clients identify their financial goals and create action plans to achieve them, as well as provide ongoing support, accountability, and guidance to help clients stay on track.

The ultimate goal of financial coaching is to help individuals improve their overall financial well-being and achieve greater financial security and stability over the long term. By developing good financial habits and behaviors, individuals can make better financial decisions, reduce stress and anxiety related to money, and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

We charge for financial coaching on an hourly basis and provide an upfront estimate based on the complexity of the issue at hand.

These are the activities covered in the coaching process 


Life purpose goal setting
and how to align your budget to living your desired life.


How to save and spend
with intention


Create a balanced life
using money as a resource

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