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The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Updated: May 2, 2023

From an industry that talks too much about what to do, and not enough about what happens in your head when you try to do it.

If I have heard the story of "when I get my finances together I will start saving" a thousand times, I think I would be spot on; another famous reason clients don't save is "because we just can't work the budget".

Savings is like anything else in life, one needs to be motivated to do it, it needs to be a budget item for the simple reason that the future you is going to need it one day, additionally savings should become a habit. So what things should be motivating us to save more? Fear (of the future you), Stretched goals (that are always achievable) and a focused thought process as to what YOU want out of life.

I came across the below paper and felt it would be wrong of me not to share! Please have a read - it will open your eyes and help with self discovery and some insights.

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