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How to make time work for you when you’re ready to invest

Updated: May 2, 2023

Please read the following article by Anthony Katakuzinos, Stanlib Retail chief operating officer - How to make time work for you when you're ready to invest.

Understanding your time horizon will help you get the most of your long- and short-term investment.

The longer you can avoid dipping into your savings, the greater your range of investment choice. When markets are volatile, as they have been in recent years, you need to be realistic about the time horizon of your investments to get the most from them.

Knowing how the time frame of different types of investments affects savings outcomes can help investors choose the most appropriate investment vehicle to earn the best possible growth.

The savings levels of working South Africans are low at just 15% of their income. But according to the Old Mutual Savings Survey, savings for the entire population are even lower at just 3%, reflecting the country’s overall low savings rate...

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