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"SUM" habits to save money this month

Updated: May 2, 2023

Number 1 - COFFEE Instead of zooting to your local coffee shop to get your morning fix, buy your coffee at your local supermarket and drink it at home or in the office. If you are anything like me, you will already have a large saving.

1 x Cappuccino = R25 x 30 days = R750pm VS Jacobs (aka Cyrils) at est. R99.99 (200ml jar). Additionally you will save on time and petrol.

Number 2 - MONTHLY BUDGET MANAGEMENT Review your budget monthly against your spending, this will alarm you to the fact of how much money is wasted on expenses that will not benefit your short term, medium term or long term goals. Before spending on the plastic, ask yourself: HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT ME AND MY GOALS?

Number 3 - LUNCH Take your pre-prepared lunch or last nights left overs to the office for lunch. Sandwich Baron R45 per day = R990 per month

Number 4 - FITNESS Join a gym through a loyalty program such as Vitality or Multiply as opposed to doing individual classes such as pilates, yoga and/or cross fit as these are offered free at most gyms.

Number 5 - GROCERY SHOPPING Do your grocery shopping online to prevent unnecessary purchases. AND NEVER EVER shop while you are hungry. Alternatively use services like U Cook or Fit Chef.

Number 6 - ENTERTAINMENT As opposed to taking the family for dinner, have a picnic in the garden. Alternatively consider taking your own wine and paying the corkage. A good old "bring and braai" at home can easily compete with a night at the local restaurant. AND DON"T FORGET TO UBER as it is cheaper than a night in jail.

Number 7 - OPTIMISE YOUR MOBILE, VOICE AND DATA COSTS data is on the down and technology is heading towards a plateau. There is every reason to check that you are on the most cost effective package for your needs and take the fibre you have just installed into account. There is no reason to get that fancy new phone every two years.

Number 8 - CHECK YOUR DEBIT ORDERS & CONSIDER NETFLIX VS DSTV take your monthly bank statement and check each debit order that is coming off your account. You may find one of two things, 1) You have no idea what it is for or 2) You are paying for something you never use.

After the end on the month and your new habits have been cemented, up your emergency fund and/or short, medium or long term goal funding. Now create a new habit of saving on a monthly basis.

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