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Some were shuffled in.. and some were shuffled out!

Updated: May 2, 2023

If anyone was like me last night, feeling a bit of the old coming through with the delays on the along wait "re-shuffle" you would have been pleasantly surprised.... eventually.

Once CR did make it to the podium, he was no "he he he he" and got straight down to business. I would think CR was tasked with a fairly challenging job with this restructure and despite what some economists have remarked, I think he has done a fair job of covering the key positions with people who are more than competent and have previously touched the heart of the new South Africa.

Furthermore, I have a small gut feeling that certain ministerial portfolios will be made redundant, after which CR will one again be hailed a strategist as he was after winning the ANC elections.

What does this mean for SA? ALOT!!!! Instead of a "bells", I suggest the South African people give this man time, allowing him to rebuild the foundations that have been torn down. SA is still the biggest economy in Africa and Africa is still the continent with fast growth potential.

For further information on the new cabinet, below is an informative article.

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